Gina Stickney-Weddle

Therapeutics & Alignment-based Yoga  (RYT 500 Certified Yoga Alliance)

Passionate organizer, people connecter and natural teacher, Gina shares yoga as a transformative tool for students to access their inherent potential for unlimited peace, strength, and fulfillment. Unforgettable experiences with multiple low-back herniation’s forged Gina’s commitment to yoga in 2002 while becoming a professional contemporary dancer.

Sought out for her skillful ability to make complex and challenging ideas empowering and accessible, Gina draws hundreds of new students to yoga yearly. Internationally, Gina has over 7 years volunteer teaching experience in Wales, Belgium and most predominately Guatemala. Locally, Gina has taught modules on the Dhyana Yoga Teacher Training Program, is currently an adjunct faculty professor of Yoga at Temple University (2010), teacher at Dig Yoga, published author in ‘Belong’, (The Sporting Club at The Sporting Club at The Bellevue’s bi-annual magazine, 2011) as well as teacher and poster yogi for the Sporting Club itself.

Following in the footsteps of her expert teachers Sue Elkind, Naime Jezzeny, Martin Kirk, and Ellen Saltonstall, Gina teaches yoga through the lens of injury prevention and rehabilitation as a strong advocate of making yoga safe and accessible for all.